Thursday, July 9, 2009

Meeting the Cows

Brannick and I went to his parent's house in Nebraska for the 4th of July and I finally got to meet the rest of his family...the pet cows! Brannick mom and dad live on 80 acres and have kind of a hobby ranch where they raise 8 cows and harvest hay once a year. I've only ever been to there house in the summer time to help with the hay, and the cows always spend the summer on a big ranch so they can spend "quality time" with a bull, so I've never met the cows. But this time his mom and dad took me to meet the cows, and it was quite an experience. They warned me that the cows might not be as nice and tame as they normally are after being around wild cows so much, but as soon as the cows saw and heard Brannick's parents (and saw the big bag of food they were carrying), they broke from the wild cows and came running. It was so sweet (and kind of weird) to see how much the cows loved Brannick's parents and how affectionate they all were with each other. They all swarmed us, which was a little scary for me at first because I had never been that close to cows, and they are HUGE strong animals.
I didn't even care that they were all covered in flies and slobber because they were so cute and lovable. The funniest part was when it was time to leave and the cows just followed Brannick's dad like he was the pied piper because they wanted to go back home with him. And when they finally realized we were leaving without them they all just started mooing. So now I feel like I have finally met and been accepted by Brannick's whole family, including the cows Oreo, Annabelle, Muffin, Sweet Pea, and four other ones who I can't remember their names.