Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer 2010

This summer has been busy but a lot of fun. It started with my Aunt Karen coming to visit us in the middle of May. But you would never guess it was the middle of may by all the cold weather, rain and snow that we encountered during her trip. Karen was a good sport though and we were very lucky that the blizzard cleared long enough for us to catch a quick glimpse of Crater Lake!
The next week in May Brannick's parents came to visit us in Oregon. After Brannick worked them over in his dental chair, he put them to work outside planting beautiful flower baskets around the office. We let them have a little fun too on a jet boat ride down the Rogue River and a trip to the fish ladder (where big fish swim upstream to spawn, and then die).

After Brannick's parents left I started a new job in the ICU of our local hospital. It feels great to be a real nurse again, and luckily I haven't gotten too rusty in my skills, but going back to working 12 hour shifts was quite an adjustment, especially being pregnant. And starting a new job really made me miss my old job and friends at UVRMC in Provo.
Brannick and I went to Nebraksa for the 4th of July, but once again brought the rain with us and ruined all attempts at harvesting hay. We still had fun setting off fireworks, feeding the animals at Cody Park, going out on a lake with friends, and especially attending my first baby shower thrown by Brannick's mom and sisters (It was a great duel shower for Brannick's sister Kristi and I who are due a week apart).

At the end of July Brannick and I went to Oceanside, CA for a vacation with my family at the beach. My brother Aaron just returned from being a missionary in Veracruz, Mexico and it was Brannick's first time meeting him. Although I wasn't able to enjoy the ocean as much as a normally do (thanks to pregnancy), Brannick had a blast bogey boarding, snorkeling, and playing in the waves. We also went to an Angel's game on "Mormon night," and the Angle's won! Coincidence? I think not. The week ended too quickly with Brannick running a 5K race along with my sister Allison and brother Aaron. The greatest part is that Allison beat both the guys, way to go Allie!

Now that all of our trips are over, Brannick and I are trying to prepare ourselves for the next big stage in life, parenthood! We are getting ready for our baby girl who is due to join our family October 10th.