Monday, September 21, 2009

Summer and Fall Fun 2009

We have a very busy and fun-filled summer, and its finally time I got around to blogging about it! It started off with visits from Branncik's parents and then my family (Brannick has to bribe people to come visit us with free dental work).
But after getting all fixed up in the dental chair we had a lot of fun playing tour guides around Oregon, including hiking to lots of amazing waterfalls, a jet boat rides down the Rogue River, and a trip to Crater Lake. Then Brannick and I went to Utah to run the Wasatch Back relay race. Brannick and I were on a team with ten other people, each running three legs, for a total of 112-miles, from Logan to Park City. It was an interesting experience, both tons of fun and complete torture at the same time.
We then took trips home to Nebraska for the 4th of July (see previous cow post) and then to Arizona for my sister Allison's wedding. And in between all of our big trips we've kept ourselves busy with canning, sewing (things I never thought I would be interested in doing), camping, triathlons, and shooting Brannick's new revolver.