Friday, May 20, 2011

Life is Tough...

I grew up with pet cats, I'm proud to say I am a cat person. I thought I wanted a pet cat, quite badly actually, but we weren't allowed to have pets in our rental. And then I had a baby and lost all desire to have a pet cat.

Brannick grew up with dogs. His dog Keogh was his best friend growing up. Brannick has wanted a dog for a LONG time and has done lots and lots of dog research on what the best breed for us would be. After all his research decided that THE dog for us was a German Short Hair Pointer. It's a bird hunting dog (perfect for Branick) that is also a great running dog (perfect for me).

Brannick used to always ask me if he could get a dog, and I told him he could get a dog as soon as he bought me a house. So as soon as we had a offer accepted on a house, he started looking for a puppy and found a breeder only 30 minutes from our house. So we went and looked at the puppies, and yes they were very cute, and I got suckered in. I agreed to a puppy... I had NO idead what I was getting into.

The problem was, the puppy was going to be ready to be taken home before we were able to move into our new home. So we ended up secretly having the puppy for three weeks in our tiny two-bedroom duplex with no yard, not fun!

Tough (or as I affectionately call him Tuffy), is our new German Short Hair Pointer puppy. He is four months old now, weighs 35 pounds, and is quite a handful. Luckily Tuffy is a pretty good dog, most of the time, and didn't have too many accidents in the house, and only chewed up one piece of valuable electronic equipment. But having two babies at home, all by myself most of the day, while trying to move, was not very much fun, and if I had know what a handful he was going to be I would have never agreed to the dog. The only thing that has kept me from killing the dog on several occassions is how much Brannick loves him. So I guess I'm stuck...

Despite my bad attitude, Tough really is a pretty good dog. He is already a great pointer and retriever and can run five miles with me without any trouble. And he is pretty cute, and aren't all girls suckers for a cute puppy?


Tessa said...

Dearest Emily,

I appreciate this post because it reminds me to not give in to my husband when he lays it on thick with his desire to have a dog.

Also, how did I miss the post of Ella every month? She is sooo cute Emily. I wish I could meet her and hold her. I miss you and wish I knew more about your life. Keep posting! Tessa

Whitney said...

Hooray for new posts and pictures of Ella! I was about to start harassing Branny!

Sharron said...

The puppy is a cute little thing . . but the baby. . . now she is a beauty!